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Get unstuck!

Just 5 minutes a day to change your thinking habits

Have you ever noticed that some people assume the best in situations? While some people are born with this gift of seeing the glass half full, many others tend to assume the worst. Our daily lives are full of situations that are unclear or uncertain in some way. This mental habit of always jumping to negative conclusions can have a frequent and deep impact on how you feel and keep you stuck -

HabitWorks can help!

Interested in trying HabitWorks? Click the button below to see if you're eligible!

Black woman on a city balcony, eyes closed and arms gently crossed, her face titled up with a smile.

The development of HabitWorks was supported by the National Institute of Mental Health (MH113600)

Logo that says "McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate"
Harvard Medical School Affiliate Logo

HabitWorks includes: 


One size does not fit all! HabitWorks will only show you content that is relevant to your life and what you worry about. You can change your personalization settings at any time.

HabitWorks Personalization app screen
Mood Check-In app screen
Mood Check-In app screen


Many people find mood tracking to be helpful. HabitWorks will remind you to check-in once a week. If you want to check-in more often, the Mood Check-In is available on the
dashboard of the app for your convenience!


Habitdiary helps you connect your exercise practice to your real life and reflect on how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are changing.

Habit Diary app screen
HabitDiary graph showing accuracy and speed of a user across time
Exercise screen that says, "You have not cleaned your house this week"
Exercises screen that says "You are not asked to attend an event your friend is going to"


HabitWorks exercises are personalized to your specific concerns and take only 5 minutes to complete. The exercises are simple, yet effective in shifting mental habits. 


“I am approaching certain situations in my life differently”

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