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How it works...

HabitWorks is designed to help you develop and maintain healthy mental habits by getting you “unstuck” from a pattern of jumping to negative conclusions.

1. Personalization
Through quick checklists, HabitWorks will personalize your exercise content. The app will deliver mental habit training personalized just for you!

2. Practice!
You can practice as much as you like– we recommend 3 exercises per week.

3. Persist
Habits take time to change. We recommend using HabitWorks for at least 4 weeks. You will likely not see improvement before meaningful changes in your thinking have occurred, which takes time.

Watch Dr. Beard talk about anxiety and mental habits in ​“Turning Fear into Power: Understanding and managing anxiety”: 

Watch Dr. Beard talk about the precursor to HabitWorks at the Technology in Psychiatry Summit: 

The Science of HabitWorks

See the studies that inspired HabitWorks!

HabitWorks is an intervention supported by a number of scientific research studies. Click through these slides to learn a little bit about the research that inspired HabitWorks!

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